Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 pounds of impatience and desperation

I haven't looked at my blog in weeks, and just read over the last 2 posts.

I find it interesting that on February 1st I was complaining about being sick of seeing 250 on the scale, and talking about how I'd love to lose 20 pounds for an upcoming event.  Some of those old desperate feelings were present.

A month later, on March 3rd, I'm weighing in at 260!  Ten pounds up in a month!  How bout that?

My weight does fluctuate quite a bit.  When I report 250, it really means that I'm fluctuating between 250 and 255; when I say 260, I'm somewhere between 255 and 260.  So it might not have been a true ten pound gain between February and March, but it's probably a solid 5-7 pound gain.  And shitty feelings have much to do with it.

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