Sunday, March 4, 2012

FEW in review: Feb 27-Mar 4

This is what it is. I feel lost in regards to food, exercise, meditation, the whole thing. I wish I could hide away from the world, re-read Brain Over Binge, and get back into the groove immediately. But I know I cannot put life on hold every time I experience a rough patch; if a person cannot continue to do the smart thing(s) when life gets hectic, they have no chance of maintaining weight loss for long (if they manage to lose weight in the first place!). And yeah, life feels hectic right now. I'm overwhelmed and my eating behavior is getting sloppy as a direct consequence.

I hate to spout cliches, but for now I'm reduced to saying "this too shall pass."

Monday, February 27th:
2 pieces of broccoli frittata
salad--lamb's lettuce, turkey, feta, carrots, pomegranate seeds, celery
1.5 pieces of veggie pizza
blood orange Chobani yogurt with walnuts; KIND bar
5 Oreos with milk in the afternoon and a red velvet cupcake at night

Tuesday, February 28th:
1'ish KIND bar
3 pm: 5 Oreos with milk (mindfulness practice); 2 thin pork cutlets
6 pm: celery with pb and raisins
7:30 pm: BodyPump class
10:30 pm: more celery sticks with pb and raisins; 2 thin pork cutlets, small potato with butter; Mediterranean style greens--containing onions, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, oregano, basil
estimated 50 ounces of water; eating attentive today
gym scale says: 255

Wednesday, February 29th:
8:30 am: went out for breakfast with my husband and it was so nice. Half a bagel with cream cheese; half a small turkey & cucumber sandwich; half a small cup of white bean soup; most of a small cranberry-orange-almond tart; very lightly sweetened small hazelnut cappuccino
2 pm: 2 thin pork cutlets; Mediterranean style greens; small potato w/ butter; celery stick with pb & raisins
8 pm: Chobani vanilla yogurt with stewed strawberries and walnuts (mindfulness practice)
10 pm: few bites of a bison burger and half an order of curly fries
about 55 ounces of water; all eating attentive

Thursday, March 1st:
1:45 pm: scoop of coconut macaroon ice cream (15 min. mindfulness practice)
Mediterranean greens and potatoes; half a celery stick with pb & raisins
bison burrito with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, cheese, sour cream
blood orange yogurt with stewed strawberries
35 minutes on the treadmill
eating attentive; not much water today
later: more ice cream and Oreos and a glass of milk. A binge.

Friday, March 2nd:
ice cream
chocolate chips
sweet drink from Starbucks-some white chocolate thing
Note: don't remember what else, as it's now Sunday and I'm trying to recall.
After Thursday night's binge, I just gave up and stopped paying attention, stopped trying for a full day.

Saturday, March 3rd:
chicken salad on bread
KIND bar and a few raw almonds
fresh juice: beets, apple, ginger. Shockingly, the food highlight of my day!
buttered toast and 3/4 of a skinny vanilla latte
part of an order of fries and half a pulled pork sandwich
very little water; eating not that attentive. Traveling and social interaction a factor today, plus still out of sorts from Thursday and Friday.

Sunday, March 4th:
chicken salad on one piece of bread; KIND bar
strawberries and hot chocolate with whipped cream--not mindful, though
grilled cheese sandwich
toast and a Chobani blood orange yogurt
2 bison and vegetable tacos
water? and semi-attentive eating.


  1. This is one of the hard parts...good for you for not giving up and for posting your results for the week even though you aren't happy about them. I've stopped and started so many times, gave myself permission to abandon any semblance of healthy eating when I went back to school, when things at work were stressful...there's always going to be a reason. You've acknowledged this and are moving forward which is all you can do.

    Currently I'm trying to re-learn good habits and unfortunately re-lose some weight but I find that as I try to stay mindful and pay attention to what I'm doing every day it is becoming automatic it just takes a long time for me anyway to develop a habit.

    1. Hi Arwenn,

      I feel really encouraged by your words. Thank you!

      Mindfulness and attentiveness doesn't come easy to me either and it takes me a long time to develop good habits too--you are not alone. :) Keep going!