Monday, April 30, 2012

Fat, pregnant, barefoot, quiet

My weight is holding pretty steady and I don't feel any increase in appetite so far.  Besides some fatigue and lower back pain and changes to my sleep patterns (I now get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, which is quite foreign to me), nothing much has changed at all.

There's lots I'd like to say about the timing of this pregnancy and how grateful I feel for discovering Brain Over Binge before getting pregnant and how relieved I am that I lost 20 pounds before getting pregnant and how I hope I don't gain more than that throughout this process, and so on...but all that ease I expressed in my last post has disappeared.  Anonymous or not, now I don't really want to talk about my pregnancy until I reach a certain number of weeks, and have an ultrasound that confirms a heartbeat, and all the rest!  So I'm sort of stuck when it comes to my blog. 

Watch me say something else entirely next week! 


  1. Looks like I missed commenting on your last post, so - congratulations!!

    That said, the blog is what you need it to be and when the issue overwhelming your thoughts is one you don't want to talk about right now it makes sense to take a break or just change gears and write about something else.

    1. Thanks, Arwenn! And thanks for understanding.