Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FEW in review: March 26-April 1

Saw new lows on the gym scale twice this week, but eating and overall direction pretty sketchy right now.  I'm seeking clarity and trying to be aware of what I'm doing each day, and that's about all.

I'm going to be without regular internet access for a little while and am going to use this time to take a blogging break.  So I will pick up again in mid-April.  Happy Easter, everyone!

Monday, March 26:
KIND bar, turkey jerky
spinach gnocchi; piece of bread
chai tea latte; mocha (inattentive)
ham & cheese sandwich; Greek vanilla yogurt with raspberries and blackberries
estimated 40 minutes of walking

Tuesday, March 27:
small handful of turkey jerky; chips
small bowl of veg spaghetti with 3 meatballs
2 chicken burritos with sour cream
cherry Larabar and milk
30-40 minute walk and BodyPump class
gym scale says: 254

Wednesday, March 28:
KIND bar
breadsticks; personal pan pizza; glass of Mt. Dew
half a bean burrito

Thursday, March 29:
KIND bar; apple with peanut butter
pork, potatoes, corn, onions
honey roasted peanuts
graham crackers, hot cocoa with whipped cream

Friday, March 30:
8 Nutty bars
3 ice cream bars
4 shortcakes with whipped cream and berries
I binged all day and can't even remember what regular food I ate for meals.
I felt physically ill from this food.

Saturday, March 31 :
remaining 4 Nutty bars; KIND bar
chicken Caesar salad
turkey and pinto bean taco meat on bun, and equivalent amount without bun
(contained peppers, tomatoes, onions)
longer strength training circuit at gym
gym scale says: 253

Sunday, April 1:
turkey and pinto bean tacos with sour cream
cashews, graham crackers, peanut butter
chicken, roasted cauliflower, raisins

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  1. Enjoy your blogging break--happy Easter---look forward to reading you in mid April. :)