Saturday, October 27, 2012

My weight, two months before my due date

I weigh about 259 pounds right now.  My home scale has been reading between 258 and 260 for over a week.  The doctor's office scale is always within a couple of pounds of my home scale.

Back in April, just days after I conceived, I weighed 255.  So over the past (almost) seven months, my weight went from 255 down to the 240s and then back up again to where it is now, a net gain of about 5 pounds so far.  This all happened gradually and naturally, without me doing much to manipulate my weight besides making an effort to curtail binge eating behaviors.

I know weight gain is more or less inevitable in the final trimester, even for heavier women.  My doctor was frank about this. This is when the baby accumulates valuable fat stores of her own; she'll gain over half of her birth weight in just these final weeks.  I told myself that even if I get up to my previous all-time high of 275 by the end of pregnancy, I'll be ok--my body has handled that burden before and I will lose some weight at delivery.  I just didn't (and don't) want to surpass 275 and set a new all-time high.

In the beginning, I was worried I wouldn't look pregnant, just fatter.  But I definitely look pregnant, especially when I wear maternity clothes designed to accentuate my midsection.  Surprisingly, my breasts don't seem to have grown at all...but that's fine by me.  They don't need to, and it's been nice to wear my usual bras all this time.  It's hard to find bras in my size as it is and I don't look forward to the search for nursing bras, which will need to commence soon.

I don't know what will happen in the next eight weeks or so, but I'm not overly tired or physically miserable in any way.  My plus-size pregnancy has gone smoother than I ever expected it to!


  1. It sounds like there is a big chance that you will actually have lost weight during your pregnancy when all is said and done. I don't know if that is good, bad, or indifferent (I'm not really up on the way that affects the baby). One of my former coworkers actually lost weight after her pregnancy as well (and lost weight in the first trimester period).

    I hope all continues to go well and wish you the very best. Take care!

  2. I may have lost some fat throughout this process, but I don't think too much. I think staying fairly steady in terms of weight has been neutral-to-good. Gaining a lot, especially when you are already obese, carries certain risks. On the other hand, I read some scary stuff about the body releasing toxins during weight loss, in relation to pregnancy--I don't have the expertise needed to evaluate those claims. In the end, I figured minimizing gain while not aiming for an actual loss was the best bet. Hope I'm right! Thanks for your well wishes. :)