Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The ice cream people are relentless

I have come to hate how Ben & Jerry's is constantly rolling out new flavors and Limited Edition crap.  If I didn't have issues, I wouldn't hate it.  I wouldn't even be AWARE of it.  But I'm hyperaware of it and staying out of the ice cream aisle is the only way to reduce that awareness.

If I keep visiting the ice cream aisle, one of these days I'm going to see Ben & Jerry's vanilla hey remember that time in sixth grade when your friend Chris's mom brought frosted brownies with dinosaur sprinkles to a school event and it was the best fucking brownies you'd ever tasted? Well, those brownies are in this carton chunk ice cream.  I swear it.

I almost bought a pint of Brownie Chew Gooder the other day.  It has brownie chunks and a caramel swirl in vanilla ice cream.  Then I asked myself WHY?  You've had vanilla ice cream, you've had caramel, you've had brownies, what is the big damn deal?  I'm glad I walked away.

Really, I see new products all the time that make me go "oooooh!"  But if I take a second to think about it, it's never any flavor profile or ingredient that I've never had.  It's s'mores in pop-tart form, or red velvet cake in ice cream form, or salted caramels in a cookie form, etc etc etc.  It never stops.  It's never gonna stop.  Therefore, I have to stop myself from falling for the relentless bullshit that marketers dream up.

Like I said, it's my issues.  I wish this ridiculous struggle didn't occupy so much of my energy and time.


  1. Hey, how are you? I commented on your blog maybe 2 years ago, when you had read Brain Over Binge. I was thinking about you and wondering how you are. Helen

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