Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FEW in review: Feb 6-12

I let some nutrition and exercise objectives slide this week as I spent time revisiting mindful eating concepts and figuring out how to proceed with eating sweets. I worked on my meditation practice and now am doing metta (lovingkindness) meditation in addition to breath awareness sessions. I also tried a new cardio workout, Wii Zumba, because I realized that I was going to get bored with my treadmill and the machines at the gym rather quickly. Overall, it was a fine week.

Monday, February 6th:
2 frozen chocolate chip cookies in raw dough form
chicken salad on bed of spinach; very small piece of cheese
cream of broccoli soup with a piece of French bread
orange-cranberry smoothie
some potato chips and 2 more raw dough cookies

Tuesday, February 7th:
apple cinnamon & pecan KIND bar
some baby carrots and a strawberry-blueberry-protein smoothie
sweet & regular mashed potato blend; pork tenderloin; baby broccoli
longer strength training circuit at gym
gym scale says: 258

Wednesday, February 8th:
scrambled eggs; almond & coconut KIND bar
Quarter Pounder with cheese, small fries, small Shamrock shake--fairly mindful, too.
some chips and more mashed potatoes late at night. Really, this potato craze of mine is strange.

Thursday, February 9th:
scrambled eggs; some strawberries
pizza; half a piece of chocolate-hazelnut cake that I ate so slooooowly and attentively that it impressed even me

Friday, February 10th:
sandwich made with turkey, avocado, bacon, tomato, cheese, one slice of bread
strawberries; almond & coconut KIND bar
pork tenderloin and mashed potato blend (sweet + regular taters)
a lassi and most of a medium sized piece of lemon cake
Bonus activity: tried my new Wii Zumba game tonight. I am so not a dancer and flailing around to a few songs made me sweat. Something to work on, for sure.

Saturday, February 11th:
2 small burritos
steak fajita, some chips
Chobani mango yogurt with blueberries, a few almonds
30 minutes of Wii Zumba--completed a 20 minute beginner class, then did several individual song routines

Sunday, February 12th:
grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup
skinny caffe mocha; old fashioned donut (Starbucks)
a few almonds and cherries
chicken fajita with guacamole

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