Sunday, February 5, 2012

FEW in review: Jan 30-Feb 5

This week was a mix, as most weeks are. I fulfilled many of my objectives, but not all. I ate vegetables most days, met my cardio target for the week (and then some), tracked my water on some days, and was mostly mindful as I ate. I saw a new low on the scale, and what a relief to finally see something below the 260s!

At the same time, I was sick and had an unexpected trip to the doctor on Thursday, and Sunday was an emotionally devastating day for me. I missed a strength session and a yoga session, skipped veggies and water tracking some days, and had a lot of indulgent food.

That's life. I accept there may never be a perfect week with a perfect performance, but the point is to keep going and hit as many targets as possible. For me, rigid all-or-nothing is a recipe for giving up. This is how each day played out:

Monday, January 30th:
peanut butter & strawberry KIND bar; tiny piece of cheese
9 bean and vegetable soup (contains carrots, sweet potatoes, okra, kale, onions, tomatoes); clementine; chicken
2 pieces of not-worth-it pizza; zucchini

Tuesday, January 31st:
peanut butter & strawberry KIND bar
strawberry-blueberry-protein smoothie; part of a small piece of roast chicken
strawberry-banana-protein smoothie
sandwich made with 1 slice bread, roast turkey, muenster cheese, lamb's lettuce; baby carrots; 60+ ounces of water
15 minutes cardio on Cybex; 20 minutes cardio on stationary bike; short strength training circuit
gym scale says: 259

Wednesday, February 1st:
almond & coconut KIND bar; salmon served over lamb's lettuce
Chobani blueberry yogurt with walnuts
turkey-cheese-spinach on one slice of bread; baby carrots; clementine
Chinese takeout (crab rangoon, egg roll, brown rice, chicken in sauce); milk
a handful of chocolate chips with walnuts and one spoon of natural peanut butter--this was obscenely delicious, so I need to be careful
60+ ounces of water

Thursday, February 2nd:
scrambled eggs; blueberry KIND bar
chicken salad served over baby spinach
chocolate mousse; some chocolate chips with walnuts (2 days in a row, so I'm concerned about this. It's not PMS week, either.)
3 bison tacos with tomatoes, onions, spinach, avocado, cheese, sour cream
doctor's office scale confirmed that gym scale is fairly accurate: said 260 today

Friday, February 3rd:
chicken salad on bed of baby spinach
lamb on pita with greens, tomatoes etc; thick cut fries (3/4 of my normal amount)
half a Chobani blood orange yogurt; half a sesame chocolate KIND bar
I'm sick and missed my yoga and strength training tonight. Looks like I will fall short of my weekly exercise targets. These things happen. I'll at least try to get some cardio in over the weekend.

Saturday, February 4th:
peanut butter & strawberry KIND bar
half a Chobani blood orange yogurt; half a sesame chocolate KIND bar
hot dog and 2/3 to 1/2 of a large order of fries. (I don't know what's with me and fries lately!); 4 chocolate chip cookies with milk
NO vegetables or fruits today--this is the sort of pattern I slip into rather easily.
brisk 30 minute walk outdoors. nice.
Bonus activity: played Dance Dance Revolution for about 30 minutes (rough estimate)

Sunday, February 5th:
today was an emotional shit storm, but I didn't even think about binging. yay.
half a turkey sandwich; banana-chocolate whey protein smoothie
chicken noodle soup, half a slice of cheese, tiny bit of fish
apple cinnamon KIND bar; 1/2 a small mocha
Bonus activity: walked outdoors along a lovely reservoir.

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