Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lingerie, Body Image, Chinese takeout, Mindfulness, and Yoda

My lingerie arrived! And I really like it! Amazing how feminine you can feel by slipping out of a South Park t-shirt and into something sheer. Who would have guessed it? (Oh man, my poor husband. He has literally asked me to stop wearing a particular Cartman shirt around the house...) I think he's going to like the way I look in this thing, because I like it, and I'm certainly a harsher critic than he is.

I will be ordering from Hips and Curves again. I love the fact they use models of various sizes and many appear to have natural breasts (*gasp*, I know!). Their plus-size models look so glow-y and luscious that if I browse the site for awhile, then switch to another clothing or lingerie site with mainstream (very tall, very thin) models, those mainstream models suddenly appear less attractive to me than they would otherwise normally appear. It's so strange how rapidly a switch in perspective can happen. Images are powerful.

Not that I'm spewing that bullshit "real women have curves" line here. I despise those kinds of assertions, because the fact is that "real women" come in every kind of physical package. I think both these women are beautiful. But everyone's got preferences, and I personally find the thicker model smokin' hot...and I also personally find that looking at her makes me see the thinner model in a different light. What do you see?

Moving on...

I had Chinese takeout last night and did not enjoy it like I used to. The sauces are just too oily and sugary, and the so-called diet dishes on offer are gross to me. So except for the very occasional order of lo mein, I think I am over Chinese food. Yay! Recurrent cravings for orange chicken were a problem last year, so this is a good development.

Tonight, my husband requested the same chocolate mousse I made a few days ago. It turned out better this time, and I had problems with being mindful and moderate with it AGAIN. But at least I didn't make myself sick this time. It's still too early to be doing this stuff, and I'm going to have to say no to people's requests more often. Either that, or work on baking sanely and mindfully soon so I can get the hang of making stuff without harming myself.

My mindful mealtime habits need to be worked on, too. I have been focusing on them less the past week or so, and that's dangerous because they are not yet second nature to me. A long way to go, this Jedi has.

Wouldn't Yoda make an awesome weight loss coach? I'd take him over Jillian Michaels any day. Discuss amongst yourselves.


  1. I completely agree that Yoda would make a fantastic weight loss coach! Not only is he wise, but he could be used in place of weights. Can you imagine deadlifting Yoda? LOL! Exercise would be so much more fun!

    1. Hahaha, deadlifting Yoda! That is a great mental picture.

  2. So funny, I just had a hamburger meal at McDonald´s yesterday and I felt exactly the same way. It didn´t taste as good as I expected and it certainly wasn´t worth it. BUT I didn´t regeret it, I just felt it will be easy to stick on the healthy side from now on.

    One of the most annoying persons who is spreading "real women have curves" I know is Tyra Banks. I find it very peculiar that she is first gaining and then losing a lot of weight and then gaining again. I think she´s an emotional eater, big time. She could rather speak on behalf of BED people or smth like that.

    Good for you for purchasing nice lingerie:)

    1. Yeah, it's funny. When Tyra was a model, you sure never heard her say "real women have curves" was only after gaining weight, getting ridiculed in tabloids, etc. Hmmmm.

      I wish women could simply appreciate the full spectrum of female beauty in others around them and leave it at that, and not make remarks that are designed to boost one's self-esteem by subtly putting down other groups at the same time. I have found such a wide range of women alluring in my lifetime--tall, short, busty, small-breasted, hard & athletic, soft & curvy, all ages, all ethnicities. It sounds like a cliche, but so much of attractiveness has to do with personality, confidence, and healthiness too. At least in my eyes.

      My only other wish is that designers would design for the full spectrum of the female form. And then women could dance through fields of daisies together, arm in arm, wearing fabulous clothes, singing songs about rainbows and unicorns. lol!