Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 FEW log recap

I'm switching to a weekly recap after this, as I've set some weekly exercise goals. Also, a month's worth of records is irritating to scroll through...

Jan 31st:
peanut butter & strawberry KIND bar
strawberry-blueberry-protein smoothie; part of a small piece of roast chicken
strawberry-banana-protein smoothie
sandwich made with 1 slice bread, roast turkey, muenster cheese, lamb's lettuce; baby carrots; 60+ ounces of water
15 minutes cardio on Cybex; 20 minutes cardio on stationary bike; short strength training circuit
gym scale says: 259

Jan 30th:
peanut butter & strawberry KIND bar; tiny piece of cheese
9 bean and vegetable soup (contains carrots, sweet potatoes, okra, kale, onions, tomatoes); clementine; chicken
2 pieces of not-worth-it pizza; zucchini

Jan 29th:
apple cinnamon KIND bar; scrambled eggs
3/4 of a bison burger, half serving of fries, 1/4 chicken quesadilla (meal contained what I think of as "incidental veggies", like some tomatoes, lettuce, etc.) Later had another 1/4 of the quesadilla as a snack.
Chobani passionfruit yogurt with a few walnuts and almonds on top

Jan 28th:
clementine and a few almonds
Mexican meal (1.5 baja fish tacos; some chicken, PEPPERS, MUSHROOMS; SALAD GREENS; a bit of chips and salsa; half of a very small, very delicious piece of flan)
chocolate mousse, part of a Hershey bar, and a bit of whipped cream
cheddar cheese slice and some turkey lunchmeat
20 minutes on treadmill

Jan 27th:
Chobani blood orange yogurt (a new flavor, and seriously delicious!)
turkey & 9 bean soup with sour cream; clementine
curried chicken salad on bed of LAMB'S LETTUCE
oatmeal with dates and walnuts
hour long gentle yoga class at gym
gym scale says: 260

Jan 26th:
curried chicken salad on bed of BABY SPINACH
turkey & 9 bean soup with a bit of sour cream; GREEN BEANS
strawberry-pomegranate-protein smoothie
some cherries, a clementine, and 2.5 slices of cheddar cheese
some roast chicken
25 minutes on the elliptical; longer strength training circuit
gym scale says: 262

Jan 25th:
apple cinnamon & pecan KIND bar
blueberry KIND bar
KALE and BABY BROCCOLI; turkey chili with BUTTERNUT SQUASH, sour cream, cheddar
9 bean & turkey soup; totally unnecessary grilled cheese sandwich (anxiety eating)
apple cinnamon Chobani yogurt and some cherries

Jan 24th:
Trader Joe's pizza for 2 meals (only veggies today were those on pizza)
strawberry protein smoothie

Jan 23rd:
Felt like a bottomless pit today! Need to drink more water; that should help.
KALE and BABY BROCCOLI sauteed together; turkey chili with BUTTERNUT SQUASH
spaghetti bolognese
2 KIND bars and a glass of whole milk
cherries and a clementine
most of a small piece of lemon cake--but was so attentive to texture and flavor that I left the last couple of bites behind, because the point of diminishing returns (pleasure-wise) was reached. SO PLEASED! Thrilled that it didn't feel like a struggle or sacrifice the throw the last bit away.
30 minutes on the treadmill

Jan 22nd:
small pieces of cheese and some cherries
2 eggs and roasted BUTTERNUT SQUASH
smoothie made with almond milk, whey protein powder, blueberries, SPINACH, and a small amount of pomegranate juice
It feels like I strained my back with yesterday's snow shoveling, so I'm skipping the yoga and strength sessions I had planned for today and hoping I can do some light cardio tomorrow plus resume strength training by mid-week.
home scale indicates I have hit below 260, but it's not official until the gym scale says the same. Excited nonetheless!

Jan 21st:
bowl of corn chex with milk
muddy buddies (too much, though)
fried chicken
spaghetti bolognese--so today's only veggie was tomatoes and onions in the sauce
bonus activity: snow shoveling

Jan 20th:
chicken salad on a bed of LAMB'S LETTUCE
spaghetti bolognese; cheese
blueberry pecan & fiber KIND bar
piece of German chocolate cake with a small glass of milk--I think next time, I can stop at five bites instead of eating the whole piece
30 minutes on treadmill

Jan 19th:
scrambled eggs; clementine
spaghetti bolognese
small wedge of cheese, swig of oj, and 8 cherries
chicken breast tenderloins with roasted BUTTERNUT SQUASH
20 minutes of cardio (10 elliptical, 10 bike) plus an hour long yoga class

Jan 18th:
chicken salad on a bed of LAMB'S LETTUCE (I was thrilled to find this in Trader Joe's!)
spaghetti bolognese for lunch and dinner
a clementine, a few cherries, and a Chobani peach yogurt with blueberries, as snacks

Jan 17th:
peanut butter & strawberry KIND bar
mac and cheese
burger, small fries, mixed berry smoothie
kale chips and cherries
longer strength training circuit at gym
gym scale says: 263

Jan 16th:
Chobani lemon yogurt with fresh blueberries
KFC meal (3 pieces of chicken; small amount of potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, and a biscuit); regular size m&m's
plain nacho chips

Jan 15th:
apple cinnamon & pecan KIND bar
nachos, cheese; pizza; cereal with milk

Jan 14th:
cheerios and milk
popcorn, nachos with melted cheese (nachos/cheese becoming a problem...watch this)
broccoli soup and roast beef sandwich
strawberry Chobani yogurt with fresh blueberries

Jan 13th:
the last 3 white fudge covered Oreos; milk (how appropriate that this was breakfast on Friday the 13th, as it's horrific)
tortilla chips with cheese and refried beans
chicken and brussels sprouts
rice krispie treat; donuts; sugary kids cereal with milk
(this illustrates "I've blown the day, so I'll start again tomorrow" thinking. Guess what? All you get tomorrow by doing this is a food hangover.)

Jan 12th:
blueberry KIND bar
my standard McDonald's meal (McDouble, small fries, small sprite)
spaghetti with bison bolognese
white fudge-covered Oreos; milk
pint of Ben & Jerry's red velvet ice cream

Jan 11th:
sesame & peanuts with chocolate KIND bar
spaghetti with bison bolognese for my other meals

Jan 10th:
sesame & peanuts with chocolate KIND bar; milk
salmon; piece of toast
some bites of lemon curd and a few mini candy canes; apple cider (DUMB. THROW AWAY YOUR CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS, RACHEL. SO NOT WORTH IT.)
spaghetti with bison bolognese
My home scale indicated that I am inching closer to 260. Was today self-sabotage? Cabin fever? Loneliness? A case of not eating enough during the day? I'm not sure.

Jan 9th:
2 fried eggs
almond & coconut KIND bar
roast chicken and brussels sprouts
raspberry Chobani yogurt with fresh blueberries and pecans (delicious!)

Jan 8th:
scrambled eggs
dark chocolate cherry cashew KIND bar; Neuro Drink (meh)
chicken, pumpkin, rice curry dish; a few m&m's; some Lindt truffles
Sprite and tortilla chips
I know that if I pull it together for a week or two, I can see 260 on the scale. I want that to happen this month!

Jan 7th:
peanut butter and strawberry KIND bar
turkey chili
slice of chicken breast
chocolate chip cookies and milk

Jan 6th:
tomato bisque soup
bacon cheeseburger and fries (more restraint than usual on the fries; I was proud)
aaand my first dose of antibiotics; I finally went to the doctor today and found out my ear infection is bad enough to have ruptured my right eardrum already. Fun!
Weight at doctor's office: 265

Jan 5th:
2 eggs; dark chocolate cherry cashew KIND bar
fish & chips; vegetable blend (fantastic meal!)

Jan 4th:
almond & coconut KIND bar; dark chocolate cherry cashew KIND bar
spinach pie; potato chips
leftover turkey tacos
kale, onions, 2 chicken tenderloins and a smidgen of cheese
20 minutes on the treadmill, despite having a bad cold! yay!

Jan 3rd:
spinach pie
turkey tacos with kale and orange bell peppers
2 Larabars
sausage, cheese, and crackers

Jan 2nd:
almond & coconut Kind bar
chicken noodle soup
too many corn chips; apple cider
too much chicken salad with crackers; goat cheese w/crackers
I have a cold and am not exercising...

Jan 1st:
bowl of oatmeal
Cliff bar
chicken breast on a bed of kale with a bit of cheese
soup and potatoes

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