Friday, January 27, 2012

Celebrating another 5 lbs gone with plus-size lingerie (yikes!)

The gym scale said 260 tonight, so that's a total of 15 pounds gone since I started this blog weighing 275.

The scale is silly, as we all know. There are a million factors that can make the number swing by 2 or 3 or even 4 pounds from one day to the next. I don't weigh at the same time of day, naked, etc. I weigh when I go to the gym, regardless of what I'm wearing, what I've eaten or drank that day, and where I'm at in my menstrual cycle. I know not to take it too seriously; the scale is just an imperfect indicator that tells me whether I'm heading in the right direction or not.

It could say 261 or 262 tomorrow. But I've decided every time I see a new low ending in "0" or "5", I'm celebrating. With Valentine's Day coming up, this is how I decided to to celebrate:

Fairly tame, right? But I like it for Valentine's Day; it's got little red hearts on the cups. It's from, and they have lots of cute things and a wide range of sizes and price points. I've never (NEVER!) bought lingerie before, but if I like this item I will probably order from them again in the future. (By the way, I have no connection to the Hips and Curves people--I'm not getting paid in any way to mention them.)

Because here's the deal: I may not honestly *feel* sexy enough to strut around in lingerie, but I am certain that a big girl in lingerie *is* sexier than a big girl in a sloppy t-shirt and lounging pants, especially if Big Lingerie Girl is wearing some lipstick and a smile. So I thought I'd give my husband (and myself) something different from my usual college t-shirt and pajama bottoms this Valentine's Day.

Also, I'm tired of saying "someday" or "after I lose weight." Someday is here. The time to push against the boundaries of my comfort zone is now!

Ladies of all sizes, I ask you: what are you doing this Valentine's Day to celebrate whatcha got right now?


  1. hey, thank you so much for your comments. i didn't really know how to answer directly. so i figured i'd comment on your blog.
    you have no idea what it means to me, that someone can actually relate to what I am saying, cause most of the time i just feel like a freak for thinking and analyzing too much, trying to figure things, or myself out.
    thank you for understanding my blog basically...
    and please, feel free to stalk me anytime :-P
    i think the solution can not be to find other ways of hiding, instead of the weight, but ultimately being comfortable with who we are and to understand that we are good enough. not ugly or fat or old or whatever we label ourselves, but to accept that we are worthy of love and intimacy. but i guess its a long hard road until then...for me anyways. but i want to learn it. however challenging that might be.
    and i think you have made a great step into that direction by buying lingerie. i think it's absolutely fantastic.
    also i especially liked the words 'someday is now'- you are so f**** right about that.
    so - thank you, one more time, i really appreciate you comments!!!

    1. Awww thank YOU. And you are right, that hiding in new ways isn't the answer. I've got such a long way to go, also.

      I'll keep reading and working my way through your archives. Keep going, Jules!