Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December 2011 FEW log recap

FEW means "Food, Exercise, and Weight"

When I started blogging in earnest, I listed my food in regular daily posts. But it quickly got confusing when I would skip posting a day here or there. I figured a separate tab/page was the way to go, so I switched to that format on December 13th.

Looking at December, I see that:

*I didn't exercise and hardly weighed myself
*I need to eat more vegetables and fruits; I don't even get one serving in daily on a consistent basis
*I've let my "lowish" carb intentions go out the window
*I stopped logging when I got busier than usual
*PMS is a bigger problem than I realized

My eating is just all over the place. This month, I plan to develop and stick to some basic go-to meals for breakfast and lunch and also have a set of acceptable options for post-dinner snacking. Dinner can involve more variety and spontaneity. It would be good to keep some emergency dinners in the freezer, though. There are nights I go out to eat because I don't want to cook, and I'm sure I would end up eating better if I had something reasonable in the freezer for such nights.

I'm going to slowly ramp up the exercise too. I'm taking part in Lyn's Fitness challenge by committing to 3 workouts a week--some combination of walking, yoga, and strength training.


December 2011

December 31st:
Mongolian restaurant food (noodles, meats, veggies)
pink champagne; pistachio ice cream
almond coconut Kind bar
whey protein smoothie with banana and milk
cup of herbal tea

December 30th:
a couple of shortbread cookies slathered in cocoa-almond spread
tortilla chips with cheese, refried beans, and guacamole
a coffee with creamer and milk; hard candy
scrambled eggs with prosciutto
Weight is above 265 and below 270; on my home scale it's hard to tell exact numbers.
Just before Christmas I was almost down to 260, which would have been a new low.

December 25th-29th:
I can't even begin to recall. It's been a free-for-all with my family visiting. No exercise except for lots of walking one day (and afterwards I was painfully sore and stiff). I feel gross and unhealthy, and the past several days have given me lots to think about in terms of where I've come from (family legacies) and where I want to go--I'm talking about food, eating, addiction, and self-care here.

December 24th:
I forgot to record this day, but I know I didn't eat sweets.

December 23rd:
hectic day with some surprises in my schedule...
turkey chili
burger, fries, ice cream, soda (someone bought dinner for me)
crackers and cheese. It's just gonna be a mess until Christmas is over.

December 22nd:
my sister came over and we went grocery shopping for Christmas Day, and...well...I'm not convinced blowing the day was worth it. And the food made me headache-y too.
kind bar
salmon with collard greens
chicken salad with crackers; some plantain chips
2 slices of pizza with a glass of soda
eggnog and a bite of eggnog ice cream
2 pieces of English toffee, 2 hard candies

December 21st:
kind bar, Larabar
slice of cheese pizza
banana-whey protein smoothie
chicken breast on a bed of collard greens/mushrooms/onions

December 20th:
scrambled eggs
chicken burrito and collard greens
2 kind bars (a.m. and p.m.--the second Kind bar averted a binge! Hooray!
fried diner food--wish I would have turned my husband down on this one. I need to start saying no and suggesting other ways to spend time together besides dining out.

December 19th:
The PMS beast seems to have quieted. It didn't demand as many sacrifices today.
2 Kind bars
bison and okra curry with a piece of naan
part of an orange
piece of bread with butter

December 18:
didn't even fight it today. Had a "I'll restart Monday" mentality--not smart.
entire box of snack cakes full of trans fats, with a side of self-loathing and panic
some salmon, chicken, potatoes
2 Larabars with milk
(What are these vegetables you speak of? What is exercise? Never heard of it, apparently.)

December 17:
realized today I'm in the throes of PMS.
egg; dark greens sauteed with mushrooms, onions, and Canadian bacon
half of a tiny piece of cake my husband bought to surprise me

December 16:
burger, fries (not fast food)
half a tiny piece of carrot cake and some eggnog
hard candy
feeling pissy and unwilling to cook.

December 15:
leftover turkey tacos
grilled cheese sandwich
hard candy, ice cream, and 3 snack cakes
I had a choice between attending yoga class and having a binge...I chose to keep myself trapped in old patterns. :(

December 14:
blueberry Kind bar
eggs scrambled with Canadian bacon, mandarin orange
turkey tacos
glass of milk

December 13:
Grannysmith apple
skinny vanilla latte
apple cinnamon Kind bar
turkey sandwich, asparagus soup
pizza and a couple garlic knots

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